Dairy farmers tackle nitrogen loss

STUFF: by Heather Chalmers 25 September 2018 Cutting cow numbers is just one of several options dairy farmers are using to meet looming nitrogen leaching reduction targets. Nitrogen is a key nutrient to grow grass on farms, but when there is more in the soil than plants can use it is at risk of leaching into groundwater, or runs off into [...]

Dairy farmers tackle nitrogen loss2019-01-31T12:06:08+13:00

Overseer farming programme revamped and funding boosted

by Gerald Hutching  stuff.co.nz, 7 August 2015 Nutrient-budgeting programme Overseer has been given a funding boost of $750,000 and been revamped. The 15-year-old farming tool will be run by a not-for-profit company and its annual budget is now $2.25 million.Overseer is jointly owned by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand (FANZ) and AgResearch Limited.The [...]

Overseer farming programme revamped and funding boosted2017-08-09T10:57:43+12:00