Farmers fear the unknown over freshwater water plans

tuff News, 1 October 2019 Farmers are worried about proposed water policy changes, but their concerns are largely based on a fear of the unknown, says Northland dairy farmer Andrew Booth. In recent weeks social media has been rife with comments from on-edge farmers, and small town halls packed to the rafters as officials have been quizzed over the proposals. [...]

Farmers fear the unknown over freshwater water plans2019-10-10T14:11:53+13:00

Positive step for Lake Rotorua clean up

BOPRC Media Release 16 August 2019 Rotorua locals are one step closer to having a cleaner lake, following an interim Environment Court decision on Lake Rotorua nutrient management rules that has been released this week. Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chief Executive Fiona McTavish said that the rules (Plan Change 10) are one method in a broad suite of lake clean-up [...]

Positive step for Lake Rotorua clean up2019-08-22T15:12:22+13:00

Rotorua farmers dodge bullet

Farmers Weekly 22 August 2019 The Environment Court’s interim decision to uphold Plan Change 10 rules for nitrogen allocation in Rotorua Lakes District has been welcomed by farmers as a win for common sense and rural communities. The 70-plus farmers in the catchment have been fighting what they see as an about turn by Rotorua Lakes District Council after it [...]

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Dairy farmers tackle nitrogen loss

STUFF: by Heather Chalmers 25 September 2018 Cutting cow numbers is just one of several options dairy farmers are using to meet looming nitrogen leaching reduction targets. Nitrogen is a key nutrient to grow grass on farms, but when there is more in the soil than plants can use it is at risk of leaching into groundwater, or runs off into [...]

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Agriculture Minister rules out cap on dairy cattle numbers

Stuff - Gerald Piddock - 8 May 2018 Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor​ has denied the Government is pushing to put a cap on New Zealand's dairy cow numbers. Instead, it wanted farmers to better manage their nutrient outputs to improve water quality standards to make rivers swimmable, he told about 500 farmers at a forum at Mystery Creek on Tuesday. [...]

Agriculture Minister rules out cap on dairy cattle numbers2019-01-31T12:38:11+13:00

‘Landmark decision’ for future of Lake Rotorua

In what has been described as a landmark decision for the future of Lake Rotorua, new rural land use rules will be notified later this month. The Bay of Plenty Regional Council today unanimously voted to accept a report and recommendations from the Independent Hearing Panel relating to Plan Change 10. The decision was part of the regional direction and [...]

‘Landmark decision’ for future of Lake Rotorua2017-08-09T10:57:43+13:00

New videos showcase Rotorua farming practices that protect water quality

A new video series has been launched this week showcasing the good management practices adopted by local Rotorua farmers to help meet the nutrient targets set out in PC10. Simon Maxwell - Island Films In the ten 3-5 minute videos, Rotorua farmers talk about how they applied a particular good management practice or 'GMP' on their farm. GMP [...]

New videos showcase Rotorua farming practices that protect water quality2017-08-09T10:57:43+13:00

Reducing phosphorus in Lake Rotorua

Sunlive 4 April 2017 Work has started on a three year ‘Phosphorus Mitigation Project' to understand how detainment bunds can help prevent phosphorus moving from farm land to Lake Rotorua. The project has been initiated by local farmers who are keen to trial new ways of minimising nutrient losses because too much phosphorus and nitrogen can cause water quality problems [...]

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Farmers should be cautious when applying nitrogen in winter, 30 April 2017 OPINION: Winter Is a much riskier season for nitrogen leaching from urine patches on pasture to waterways. Milking cows will excrete, in urine, about 70 per cent of the nitrogen (N) they consume. The chance of N leaching from urine patches is much higher in winter due to weather conditions. Also, farmers should be particularly cautious [...]

Farmers should be cautious when applying nitrogen in winter2017-06-19T13:06:40+13:00

Videos to be produced “by farmers for farmers”

BOPRC Media Release, 26 October 2016 Farmers in the Lake Rotorua catchment will feature in videos providing advice to other farmers about good nutrient management practice. The main objective is to reduce nutrients entering Lake Rotorua although the videos may appeal to a wider audience. Seven projects have been approved through the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Low Nitrogen Land [...]

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