Fertiliser Matters; 17 December, 2018 

A report on whether Overseer is suitable for use in regulation to help clean up Aotearoa New Zealand’s rivers and lakes has been released today by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Simon Upton.

The report recommends that the Minister for the Environment and the Minister of Agriculture indicate if they wish to see Overseer used as tool in the regulation of water quality and, if so, clearly indicate what additional steps and actions may be required to support that use.

“Overseer is the first tool of its kind and while it is leading edge there are always improvements that can be made,” says Vera Power, Chief Executive of the Fertiliser Association of New Zealand. “It’s great to see such a thoughtful report which provides useful points for discussion. We see Overseer as critical and necessary to delivering the change in farm management and land use that is needed to improve water quality and to reduce GHG emissions from farming.”

Read the Commissioner’s report, Overseer and regulatory oversight – Models, uncertainty and cleaning up our waterways.